Please find below a list of the video’s that we have quickly put together to help our customers to set up their new TS700 series printer.

The videos cover installing the printer on your computer, performing a head clean and nozzle test and also, how to use the Edible Artist software that is available free to all of our customers.

Download Drivers from the Manufacturer’s website.
For customers with computers or laptops that do not have a CD ROM Drive and cannot use the supplied driver disc:

Connecting a Printer to a computer or laptop.
A quick overview of the steps required to easily connect and set up a desktop printer to a computer:

How to Perform a Head Clean on an inkjet printer.
Needed to either prime the printhead on a new printer or when lines appear, or a colour is missing from prints:

Setting up Preferences Within the Printer Driver.
How to use the correct settings for different edible printable media and how to set up print easy use templates within the driver:

Using Edible Artist Software.
A quick drive through the features of the edible artist software and how and when to use the features:

Download link to get the Edible Artist Software:

Download link to our edible inks webstore to view and buy our range of icing sheets to use with the edible Artist software: