About Us

hobbyhut.co.uk is a service of hobbyprint.co.uk.

The company supplies printer bundles and printing products targeted at home hobbyists, businesses, and schools. Those products would cover Edible printing for cake decorators, sublimation printing for personalised items, photo printing, and craft printing. Everyday home & desktop printing is also covered. We sell printers, bottled inks, cartridges, and paper media.

On this site, we are trying to transition away from product listings in writing and trying to engage with potential customers using videos and live interactive broadcast feeds. The thinking behind this is owing to how increasingly difficult it is becoming to fully detail the specifications and benefits of our products. The written listings are becoming short stories in order to effectively point out the differences between our products, and those of our competitors.

We hope that the HobbyHut informative and interactive approach is welcomed by our customers. The medium of video and broadcast allows for visualisation of a product and detailed demonstrations of products being used in applications.

HobbyPrint Ltd as a company has been around since 1999. Formerly Composite Containers Limited / Home Media which was renamed in 2019 to HobbyPrint® in order to market our products under a registered brand name.

The company is a small family-run business that prides itself on only selling products that we would use. All of the products that we sell have been used by ourselves to establish the quality of them. We are very product knowledgeable, but more importantly, we are friendly and approachable believing that we will not be beaten on customer support.

Advice is available on all of our products from setting up a personalised gift company to how to print photographs or other applications. We also specify products to suit your application.